Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Defend the Bank of AMERICA

Those New York liberals!  Suing the bank of America!  It's the Bank - of - AM-ER-IC-A ferchrissakes!  What are they trying to do, bring down the whole free enterprise system?  So a bunch of bankers - who just HAPPEN to be filthy rich already - see a scam that's working.  And purchase it fair and square in the free market. 

So they scam is to trick people into bad loans.  So they cheat people.  So-called "POOR" people [eyes rolling, fingers making quote marks].  And then they pawn it off on the federal government.  So WHAT?

It's that what America's ALL ABOUT?

How are honest capitalists supposed to make money (OK, MORE money) if they can't lie, cheat the poor and steal from the taxpayers?

Somebody start a petition!  Before it's too late!  We have to help them!