Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Shortly on taxes

Many people are under the simplistic impression that tax cuts are automatically a good thing.  A lot of people say this is just right-wing propaganda, but I think not entirely.  It's also because of a very real fact: taxes historically have been foisted exclusively or at best disproportionately on the working population by the rich to pay for ruling class adventures in faraway crusades (if we are lucky) and for their other institutions on the theory that they protect us (from other rulers who are pulling the same scam on their people) or more recently that they provide us with jobs.

Besides the obvious facts that they provide fewer and worse jobs as our more money is shifted from us to them (in various forms - tax cuts to them, shifts in the tax burden to local government, sales taxes which the rich mostly avoid and working people largely cannot, etc), and that "they" "protect" "us" in modern times even more cleverly than before - by getting the young peasants to risk their lives while the knights stay home and play golf, they have also figured out a way to use the democratic institutions that we demand - supposedly to wrest power from them - to actually take power from ourselves and give it to them, including money (which is not speech, but power).  They've lowered their taxes and raised ours (relatively).  Now when they demand lower taxes, we are right there with them.  Ingenious!

Fear and ignorance are the enemy.  Organize!