Sunday, January 4, 2009

Somebody slap these guys ... hard

Couple of even more annoying developments, from Nick Burbules's excellent news roundup ...

And even the most superficial overview of Burris's past seems to suggest that his current level of opportunism - and apparent blythe empty-headedness - is par for the course, e.g.:

Can Burris really be that stupid - or disingenuous? Can that be the reason a Blagojevich appointment suits him so readily?

Don't these clowns realize the damage they're doing to Illinois - currently mired in debt, schools in desperate need, etc. - and to the rest of the country, which really could stand to judge its first black president on his own merits? Isn't there enough to worry about there that's real?

Are we really going to have to start the Obama Administration arguing over non-issues like, "Obama's just a sneaky Chicago politician like that Blago and Burris..." or allegedly "lynching" a stooge like Burris (according to Bobby Rush)?

Or distracted from the substance of our real, widespread needs by what my friend John Conlon at the University of Mississippi calls 'courageous ignorance' - like (as someone shouted at last month's antiwar demo here in Champaign-Urbana) "He [Obama] is a Muslim! [as if that were a problem, but of course he isn't] Oh, yeah? Then why'd he change his name to a Muslim name? [cue the sound of truck engine zooming away]" - or better yet, "Good luck with the Magic Negro" ...


Don't we have enough problems to try to sort out, you know, with economic depression looming and huge tracts of the planet drowning in blood? ... for example?

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