Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Big little banks

Today's New York Times has a worried article about the government's assessments of the nation's biggest banks, and how lower assessments might send investors packing from the "smaller" ones. Es posible.

But the scale is all wrong for this discussion, or at least it's not to our scale for most of us. The big little banks or the big big banks, any and all of them are ready, willing and able to sack our communities like a thirsty horde of Vikings.

What would help us is to break them all up into local or regional banks, reorganized along cooperative lines - one member-depositor, one vote - and a mission to support local sustainable economies.

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bikerbar said...


break up the banks

its that simple

did you see this

the big problem we face is when the Obama/Geithner plan fails and the nation swings right again. Then they might just get that Civil War they seem to want so bad .. fools.