Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Really, Grand Jury?

Let me just say, when George W. Bush gets it (well, sorta), it is not rocket science, friends.

Michael Brown leaves some question marks behind.  But NYPD killed Eric Garner over BS.

Even so, we're looking at the tip of the iceberg.  Maybe more than one.  Why is this happening?

If you think there's no racism involved, let me be clear: we are not speaking because you are too stupid to understand human speech.  But I do think each case does not necessarily mean each cop is a raving bigot, like some.  Some of it probably seeps in by osmosis.  And there must also be a training component.  And maybe just intelligence.  Or maybe a big fat combo of bad stuff.

But we have clearly allowed the police to get out of control.  They're constantly expressing a feeling a license to do these things.

But it's time we asked: Are the police to be under citizen control, or the citizens under police control?

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