Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hilda Solis now!

Even though US labor secretary may not be the most powerful position these days, in that whoever fills it may have trouble affecting many workers' lives very much, the fight over Hilda Solis may be shaping up as Round One in the fight over the long-overdue Employee Free Choice Act.

Labor secretary also can do some good, as recent appointees have proven in reverse, i.e. they proved how much evil a labor secretary can do, so in theory a good labor secretary could do some good if only by reversing what her predecessors had done.

But the symbolism attached to the Solis fight is significant. If in fact Republicans are blocking her appointment in part because of her support for the Employee Free Choice Act and unions, then we might as well face this animus now. Overcoming the anti-Solis club - in the Senate, where the Employee Free Choice Act also faces its toughest battle - will begin to build the right kind of momentum.

So let's call them on this! 1-866-544-7573

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