Friday, February 13, 2009

Screw the GOP

OK, here's a question I've asked before, but I have to ask again: if the Republicans are going to vote against the "stimulus" plan anyway, why compromise?

Is this just another case of the Democrats being Democrats? In other words, when the Republicans get into office they set right to work f#$%^ing stuff up: no to the Kyoto Accords, repeal the ergonomics standard, cut taxes for the rich, cut services for the poor, and on and on.

But when the Democrats get into office, well, all of a sudden we have to talk about those campaign promises, let's have a focus group, let's be bipartisan, compromise, blah, blah, blah.

Well, screw that! Tax the rich! Tax the hell out of them! Today! Take the money and provide free health care for everybody! Today! Build free libraries and schools and decent housing for people who need it, not more prisons! Buy up the produce from small farmers and hand it out to families who need food. Put people back to work with federally funded projects, projects that build stuff we need like light rail commuter trains, and schools and stuff, not bombers and big new six-lane highways, or prisons. Hire new teachers - you want to revolutionize education, someone once said, put one more teacher in every classroom in America! Pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan and everywhere else TODAY! Close Guantanamo Base TODAY!

Why are we screwing around with the Republicans and a bunch of Blue-Dog Democrats? If the Democrats aren't going to do the job, we may have to find somebody else who will!


Marti said...

The stimulus bill passed without any help from the GOP. Personally I'm all for things like affordable housing, universal health care, and a living wage. My own belief regarding the corporate model is that it's a form of indentured servitude and we can do much better.

It amazes me how, as a nation, we are able to violate human rights across the board...then pretend to be civilized. Pretty much boggles the mind.

Ricky Baldwin said...

You said it, Marti!