Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Supreme Double Talk

OK, so let me get this straight ... the recent US Supreme Court decision on Arizona's immigration ridiculation says essentially, "Immigration is a federal issue, and the states should butt out ... but Arizona can still make their cops check for papers?"

Isn't that just about the same level of logic as the argument this ignoramus from (not too awful from my birthplace) Tennessee makes against allowing a mosque to be built in his community, even though he supposedly supports freedom of religion?

"I believe there is only one God, and that is the living God of Israel," Brandon says. "With that said, I still do not oppose individuals that don't believe in that capacity. However, Shariah law is not religion, and I'm unaware of any situation where you can separate Shariah law out from under Islam. Quite frankly, I see that as a problem."

Or, "We had to destroy the village in order to save it"?

"Ignorance is Strength."

But besides that, was anybody else taught, as a whippersnapper, by the Old Ones, that one of the great things about living in the USA is (was?) that you don't have to carry official papers with you everywhere just to be out of the house?

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