Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Time versus Money

I owe an explanation, I think, to anybody who actually reads this stuff.  For the long gap, I mean.  Well, it's the time to write.  Nothing more complicated that that.  In the current economic order, we often face a choice: time or money.  You can work more to earn more money and you will not have enough time to do some of the things you love, spend time with loved ones, etc.  If you work less, by choice or not, you may have more time, but unless you are very lucky you will face a bloodless economic reality.  Well, nobody ever said life (in a world ruled by rich plutocrats) was fair.

I've been working more.  But I'm going to try to find time to blog a little more.  On the off-chance that anybody's listening.  And if you are, thanks.

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