Sunday, July 8, 2012

Salt in open wounds

As a native Mississippian, let me just say: Surprise! Politicians in my birth-state have screwed the hardworking average Joe and Joan again - a new law making it harder for injured workers to get workers' comp. 

What?  No law to make it harder to injure workers in the first goddamn, profiteering, wage-cheating, finger-mashin' place?  No law to make it harder to fire workers for getting hurt by faulty equipment, lack of proper safety gear, harder to get away with multiple OSHA-violation recidivism?  No laws to make it harder to breeze into town with a snake-oil salesman speech about the great jobs you can offer if the local community will only give you a break on the taxes, the zoning, the regs, and run city water and power out to the old farm where you'll be setting up your little sweatshop, then paying undocumented workers lower-than-dirt wages to build, bringing in your own management to take the good jobs, hiring locally for the crapper-cleaning and other low-wage part-time/ no-benefit jobs, selling offshore sweatshop products at a 500% markup, AND grinding the locals down, tooth, bone, joint and ligament, without health insurance but with a life insurance policy that pays YOU if THEY die, and then blowing town with all the subsidies and not even so much as a "sorry"?  No new laws against any of that?

Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Here we see a particularly nasty example of the confidence fairy's work.  Supposedly, if we make life easier on businesses, they employ us more, at higher wages with better benefits.  Trouble is, there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that this ever works, apart from the occasional fluke.  Mostly, it's just the opposite.  Mississippi is a prime example of this: more poverty, lower wages, strong anti-union laws, and pro-employer tax breaks and other subsidies.  Yet where are the jobs

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Michael Wallace said...

I took a break from watching Hee Haw, hatin' coloreds, and tryin' to do sex on my kin to check out your blog.
You sure do seem to have a lot of that book learnin'. You know us down here in Mississippi have to be careful. Ain't wantin' to get labeled as on of them "readers" you hear about.