Friday, November 20, 2015

"Give me your tired, your poor..." unless they're Muslims.

Yeah.  So the "nation of immigrants" wants to turn away women, children, old people, fleeing the "terrorists" we say are our enemies now?  Because they all look alike to us (at best)?  Give me a break!  Oh, yeah, and the leading GOP candidate for prez wants to make 'em wears gold stars or something?  Sieg effin heil.  Because everybody knows how patriotic and defensive (I mean, protective... er... I mean they take care of us, right?) the Republikkkans are!

And now for the Dems -- a minority of them, sure, but one of them's actually named Israel!  (No irony there!)

Meanwhile, a whole bunch of working class folks are buying into the stupid, ignorant bigotry of lies and general nonsense, calling for Obama to resign or Congress to impeach him, not for his actual crimes (blowing up children in Pakistan, etc.) but for letting in desperate people fleeing the same terrorists we're supposedly fighing and/or cowering in our conservative Christian ways -- while at the same time, the very plutocratic demagogues they support are cutting our throats: attacking unions, keeping us from getting health care, robbing our pensions and taking potshots at Social Security!

Ugh, just ugh.

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